Sole Custody

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Sole custody is one of several custody options available to parents in resolving child custody matters.  It is often the best when the parents have trouble working together or live far apart.  Parents seeking aggressive representation for sole custody find able help at Assiniboia Law Office in Winnipeg.  For 20 years we have provided personalized service and value to parents involved in child custody litigation. We urge you to contact a Winnipeg family law attorney.

Custody Options

The alternatives for resolution of child custody matters include joint custody, shared custody, split custody and sole custody.  We firmly believe that all circumstances need to be weighed in achieving an optimum resolution of a child custody case.  This includes relationship of the children to each parent, children’s connection to a neighborhood, availability of good schools, suitability of housing arrangements and time a parent can devote to being with children. Joint custody is a good solution where the parents live in the same area together and can work closely with each other.

Advantages of Sole Custody

Sole custody is often preferable where the parents live a good distance apart or do not communicate easily with each other.  Then it is better to have sole custody in one parent’s hands with carefully defined visitation and access so that each parent’s rights are clear.

Sole custody can also be indicated due to the lifestyle of a parent.  Where a parent works odd hours and is not at home when the children would be, custody would not work.  Also an alcoholic or drug-addicted parent is not suitable as a custodial parent.

Where a parent is known to subject a child to abuse or kidnapping it may be necessary to even curtail visitation and access.  Whatever your situation in a child custody matter, we are ready to help.  Contact a family law attorney at the firm for solid legal counsel that is committed to assist you in your sole custody matter.

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