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Establishing Your Last Will and Testament

Assiniboia Law Office can provide skilled legal assistance in the preparation of wills and other legal documents pertaining to your estate. We are a highly competent estate planningfirm that will help ensure your wishes are carried out following your death. A last will and testament is an important legal document that will make sure your property and assets are distributed according to your desires.  It also names a person of your choosing to be the executor or administrator of your estate, as well as the guardian of any minor children.  When a person dies without a will, property and assets are divided according to intestacy laws, which can result in people that you would like to leave your assets to receiving less than your intentions or nothing at all.  This can become a huge problem when young children of a deceased person have greater needs than other next-of-kin that are entitled to share in the estate under intestacy legislation.  Without a named executor, a next-of-kin or creditor that you would never have chosen to administer your estate, may also be entitled to petition the court to be put in charge of your assets. Contact a Winnipeg estate planning attorney to find out more about how a last will and testament can protect your interests following your death.

Winnipeg Last Will and Testament Attorney

A last will and testament is one of the most critical documents in estate planning.  The purpose of a will is to:
  • Ensure your property and assets are distributed to people of your choosing
  • Prevent conflicts and disagreements
  • Prevent your property from reverting back to the government
  • Ensure your minor children's care and well-being
Our firm can provide the skilled legal assistance needed in the preparation of your last will and testament, and make sure your final wishes are accomplished.