Acting Executors

Estate Executors and Their


The executor of a will is responsible for the administration of the deceased person's estate.  Depending on the size of the state, there can be many tasks that need to be performed before an estate is settled.  Even small estates will have various legal and financial requirements to fulfill.  An acting executor assists the executor with his or her estate duties, either fully or in part.  This can include probate, asset collection and distribution, accounting and other estate affairs.  The executor still remains responsible for the overall management of the state, and is the final decision-maker regarding any estate issues. Having a Winnipeg estate planning lawyer as an acting executor of an estate can be critical because of the many estate duties that will need to be carried out.  A skilled lawyer will also be well-versed in estate, trust and probate laws, and can ensure that any legal obligations are fully met.

Winnipeg Estate Planning Lawyer

Administering the estate of a loved one can take considerable time and effort before it is finally settled.  It often involves a broad range of financial and legal responsibilities that can seem daunting, especially if many assets are involved.  Assiniboia Law Office is a highly qualified legal firm that can provide capable executor services for your estate such as:
  • Probate
  • Locating beneficiaries
  • Establishing testamentary trusts
  • Estate accounting
  • Preparation of legal documents
A competent estate attorney from our firm can also help mediate disagreements and provide other vital support to facilitate the settlement of the estate.  Our considerable knowledge and experience can help minimize the difficulties often encountered in estate administration.  We can also be counted on to keep you current on estate matters, and provide valuable legal advice on any concerns.