Child Custody & Parenting

Winnipeg Child Custody Attorney

Do You Need Help with a Child Custody Issue?

Often the most important issue in a divorce is child custody.  At Assiniboia Law Office, we have assisted Winnipeg clients involved in child custody disputes for over 20 years.  Our purpose is to help clients understand the various resolutions of child custody matters and to energetically support them in seeking the best interests of children.  We are committed to providing individualized service and value.  We urge you to contact a Winnipeg Family Lawyer for the help you need.

Alternatives for Child Custody

The law of the province offers flexibility in determining child custody. The various child custody resolutions are sole custody to one parent, joint custody, shared custody and split custody.  We help clients to achieve a workable solution by negotiation with the other spouse, mediation for resolution and aggressive advocacy in court. A companion issue is visitation and access to the non-custodial parent.  If the parents no longer live in the same area, arrangements to allow children to split their year with each parent are often workable.  The children spend the school year with one parent and the school vacation period with the other.  Where both parents live in the same locale intricate sharing schedules become possible.

Mobility Rights

Mobility rights are another related matter.  The custodial parent may want to move out of the area to pursue a better job or live with family.  The other parent may object as this would disrupt the other parent's access to the children.  We are ready to assist clients in seeking the best solution. We are aware that child custody is a passionate subject for many involved in legal separations or divorce and we are ready to help.  We have a reputation in the community for skilled and successful representation in child custody matters. Contact a Winnipeg Child Custody Attorney at the firm to discuss your child custody matter.