Codicil Lawyer in Winnipeg

Amending a Will

It may be necessary at various points in time to make changes in your will.  A codicil is a legal document that amends a will.  It can be used to make changes in designated beneficiaries and other small revisions so that the entire will does not have to be rewritten.  If you are considering making minor changes to your will, contact Winnipeg estate planning attorney to discuss your proposed amendments, and for help in preparing a codicil.  A skilled lawyer can advise you on how to amend your will, and make sure the codicil meets the necessary legal requirements.

Winnipeg Codicil Attorney

A will is a legal document that names an executor of your estate and describes how your property and assets will be distributed following your death.  It can also name a guardian for any minor children.  The basic requirements for writing a will are:
  • The person writing the will is not a minor and is mentally capable
  • The will is in writing
  • The will is signed by the person who wrote it
  • The will is signed by two witnesses of legal age, neither of whom is a spouse or beneficiary
Having a qualified attorney prepare your will is important, especially if there are many assets to distribute.  It can prevent disputes following your death, and ensure that your intentions regarding the distribution of your property and assets are carried through. Assiniboia Law Office is a knowledgeable estate planning firm that can provide the legal assistance you will need in the preparation of your will.  We have extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, including wills.  Attorneys at our firm can also help you amend an existing will with a properly executed codicil.