Do You Need Help with Divorce?

At Assiniboia Law Office we are dedicated to providing high quality divorce services and value to clients in the Winnipeg area.  For over 20 years we have taken pride in delivering a superior personalized service to clients in a family breakdown.  When we meet with clients we learn their entire situation, answer questions and advise them of their rights and discuss positive options. We understand this is a difficult time for our clients and make every effort to assist in a compassionate and helpful manner.  If you need assistance with divorce we urge you to contact a Winnipeg divorce attorney.

Grounds for Divorce

Some have the misconception that your spouse must agree for you to get a divorce.  This is not true.  You may petition for divorce on grounds of adultery, mental or physical cruelty or having been separated or living apart for a year.

Divorce Issues

In resolving a divorce, we help clients resolve certain issues including child custody,visitation and access, division of family property and spousal support.  Where you and your spouse have already agreed on these matters, we can help prepare uncontested divorcepapers to carry out your intent.  Where there are difficulties, we can assist in resolving these issues with negotiation.  Spouses also seek our aid in mediation for resolution.  If you are not ready for a final divorce, we can help with preparing documents for legal separations.

Child Custody

This is often a most important issue in a divorce.  We can discuss with you the various options including sole custody, joint custody, shared custody and split custody.  We also can guide you in knowing your rights to child support including how provincial child support guidelines and Canada's federal child support guidelines apply in your situation.

Divorce Attorney in Winnipeg

Nothing is more important to us that seeing that the best interests of our clients and their children are served.  We work tirelessly to resolve divorce issues in a way that is fair and workable. We urge you to contact a Winnipeg divorce attorney at our firm to discuss your case. Contact a Winnipeg Divorce Lawyer for experienced help with your divorce.