Estate Litigation

Estate Planning Lawyer in Winnipeg

It is unfortunately the case that litigation can occur in relation to an estate after the passing of the decedent.  Additional dependants can make a claim to the estate, ex-spouses can claim an interest in certain assets, creditors can attempt to take funds from the estate, and even beneficiaries can fight for a larger share. Many more similar situations can occur, which can interfere with the realization of your wishes as well as cause trouble and heartache for your loved ones.  The best defense against this is to enlist the help of a Winnipeg estate planning lawyer to ensure that your willand estate are established correctly.

Protecting Your Estate

Estate litigation often focuses on the validity of the will itself or the interpretation of its instructions.  Working with the Assiniboia Law Office, you can be confident that the specific legal requirements of your will preparation are met.  With the quantity and complexity involved in an estate, our thorough knowledge and experience means we can protect against ambiguity in your will and state your intentions explicitly. Additionally, we can devise ways of protecting portions of your assets from potential estate litigation by way of trusts and gifts.  The earlier this process is begun, the better, as there are steps that can be taken before one's passing that assist in this objective.  We understand you do not want your loved ones to suffer any more after your death due to a failure to protect your estate from litigation.  We can incorporate actions related to this into the overall strategic plan of your estate to obtain the greatest benefit possible.  Our quality service is based around seeing that your estate is protected and your objectives are achieved.