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Winnipeg Executor Services Lawyer

Executor Services for Estates Assiniboia Law Office is a highly qualified estate firm with over two decades of experience helping clients with estate management and settlement.  We are extremely knowledgeable in estate, probate and trust laws, and can provide the skilled assistance needed to settle any size estate.  An executor has many complex responsibilities to fulfill when administering an estate, including securing and protecting the estate, collecting and distributing assets, finding beneficiaries, filing appropriate probate documents, and keeping accurate financial records.  Our firm can help you with any estate-related task, and can be trusted to perform our duties with utmost care and diligence. Contact a Winnipeg estate planning attorney from our firm to find out more about our executor services and how we can competently and expeditiously assist you in your duties.

Executor Services Attorney in Winnipeg

An executor is often a spouse, child or close family member charged with ensuring the wishes of the deceased are carried out.  This includes collecting and distributing assets, but also involves many other tasks that will need to be completed before the estate is finally settled.  The job of an executor can be extremely difficult and require considerable time to perform your obligations.  We can provide reliable executor services to help ease your responsibilities and quickly settle estate matters, including:
  • Securing the estate
  • Finding beneficiaries
  • Collecting assets
  • Distributing assets
  • Preparing legal documents
  • Filing claims
  • Maintaining financial records
Lawyers at our office understand the obstacles that can be encountered when settling an estate.   We can provide competent legal advice to help resolve any estate issues, and reliable support services to ensure the estate is settled as soon as possible.