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Living Trusts

An inter vivo trust is a trust that is established while a person is still living.  Trusts are comprised of a settlor, a trustee and one or more beneficiaries.  The settlor is responsible for setting up the trust, the trustee administers the trust and the beneficiaries will, at some point in time, be the recipients of the trust's assets.  There are many benefits to an inter vivo trust that a Winnipeg estate planning attorney can discuss.  Assiniboia Law Office is a competent estate planning firm that can provide knowledgeable legal counsel and advice on inter vivo trusts and other types of estate planning.  We can review your estate and create a plan to meeting your specific needs and requirements.  Our firm will work to ensure your assets are properly managed and distributed according to your wishes following your death.

Inter Vivo Trust Lawyer in Winnipeg

A will is one of the most essential legal documents in estate planning.  Wills explain who will receive your property and assets when you are no longer alive.  Trusts, such as an inter vivo trust, are also a valuable estate planning tool.  Some of the benefits of an inter vivo trust include:
  • Flexibility in the establishment of the trust
  • Confidentiality
  • No probate fees for trust assets
  • Can prevents challenges to the distribution of your assets by a spouse or child
  • Asset protection from creditors
  • You can remain in control of assets with designated beneficiaries while you are still alive
Consult an estate planning lawyer from our office to find out more about trusts and how to make sure your desires are upheld when you are no longer living.  We have assisted many clients with their estate planning needs and can skillfully guide you through the process of creating legal entities and documents that will protect your personal and financial interests.