Mobility & Relocation

Mobility Rights in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Family Lawyer

The court can restrict the mobility of a parent when there are children involved. When one parent wants to move a great distance, making access to the children more difficult, the matter should be resolved through the court to avoid future problems. There are many circumstances that can come up in all of our lives that may require a change in location, such as employment, financial situations, marriage or other circumstance. Ensuring that you have legal advice about how to address the situation is critical, as you may find that you are restricted from moving away, or that you lose primary custody of the children if the matter is not carefully addressed by a Winnipeg divorce attorney familiar with the provincial guidelines and how the court will view such a matter.

Moving Away and Child Custody and Visitation

When one parent needs to move away, the other parent can oppose the move and take the matter to court to restrict the move. The court will review every aspect of the child or children's lives to help them to determine what is in their best interests when making a determination. The relationship between the children and each parent will be evaluated by court to assist in making the decision about whether one parent will be allowed to move away, and what parent will have custody of the children, how visitation will occur and who will pay for the travel of children if the move is approved and all other matters surrounding the case. Our legal team has extensive knowledge and experience with the court with regard to mobility, what is likely to be decided and how to best present any such case to the court, whether an opposition to a move by one parent or a proposed move of one parent. We can help you to resolve any such matter and are very interested in our clients, their future and their children and assisting in a fair resolution in any mobility rights matter. Contact a Winnipeg Family Law Attorney from our firm to advise you about mobility rights with regard to custody, visitation and other vital matters regarding children.