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About Special Needs Trusts A special needs trust is a trust established to provide the supplemental needs of a disabled person.  It allows a disabled person to receive fund without putting their eligibility for government assistance programs in danger.  The funds in a special needs trust are typically allocated to enhance the disabled person's quality of life.  In some cases, the trustee may also decide to distribute income for food, clothing and shelter if it is in the best interests of the disabled beneficiary. Special needs trusts can be established as an inter vivo trust during the settlor's lifetime, or following the death of the settlor as testamentary trust.  A trustee is designated by the settlor to administer the trust according to the document's terms, which can include allowing the trustee to make independent decisions regarding the management and allocation of trust funds. A Winnipeg estate planning lawyer can provide knowledgeable legal advice regarding the laws pertaining to special needs trusts, and how best to proceed in establishing one for a disabled member of your family.

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Assiniboia Law Office is a highly qualified estate planning firm with experience in establishing special needs trusts.  We understand the importance of providing for a disabled family member and will assist you in preparing a trust that addresses your concerns and meets their special requirements. The establishment of a special needs trust can be included as part of your will to make sure the disabled member of your family is provided for following your death.  The funds from this trust can be used for any of the person's unmet needs such as:
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Special diet needs
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Counseling
  • Education
An attorney from our firm should be consulted at once to review your estate and discuss your desires and intentions regarding a special needs trust.