Split Custody

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Split Custody and Divorce

Split custody is a rare type of custody and courts are generally more reluctant to grant this type of custody except in special circumstances.  In split custody, one parent has custody of some of the children and the other parent has custody of the remaining children.  Split custody is a possible custody arrangement but should be treated as a last resort where possible.  It is usually not in the child's best interests to split up the family and can cause them undue stress.  If you and your family are considering split custody, ensure that you are fully informed on the type of custody before making your final decision.  IN addition, you should always speak with an experienced Winnipeg family law attorney .

Split Custody Lawyer in Winnipeg

The court will always do what they believe is the child's best interests.  In very rare cases will they accept split custody as the best solution?  Divorce is extremely difficult for a child and it is usually considered best for the child to live with their siblings.  Even if the parents are able to see both children, split custody may create a barrier between siblings that could cause damage to the children. At Assiniboia Law Office, there is nothing more important to us than providing high quality legal representation to families in need.  Even though divorce is difficult, there are many viable solutions available to you and your family so that you can move forward successfully.  Any type of legal matter or transaction should always be reviewed by a skilled attorney with extensive experience in family law before proceeding.  Our firm prides itself on the high quality of service and personalized care we provide to each client.  Please call today if you have any questions regarding your divorce. Contact a Winnipeg Split Custody Attorney today for assistance.