Will Lawyer in Winnipeg

Types of Wills

There are two primary types of wills, a last will and testament and a living will.  A last will and testament is a legal document that states your final wishes after your death, including how your property will be distributed.  When a person dies without a last will and testament, any assets will be divided according to Manitoba's intestacy laws.  The lack of a will can also result in a next-of-kin or a creditor of your estate petitioning the court to serve as your estate's executor or administrator.  This could mean that someone you would never have chosen to oversee the distribution of your property will be left in charge of your estate. A living will gives a person of your choosing the ability to make any final medical decisions regarding your treatment when you are no longer able to speak through a health care directive.  It ensures that your wishes regarding medical care when you are dying will be carried out. A skilled Winnipeg estate planning attorney can discuss the laws pertaining to wills and ensure you have valid and properly constructed legal documents that will protect your interests regarding property distribution and medical care.

Winnipeg Will Attorney

The absence of a will after your death can result loved ones not receiving your intended gifts, delays in asset distribution and unanticipated expenses.  Creating a will is vital when it comes to making sure your final intentions will be carried out, including:
  • Who will be the executor or administrator of your estate
  • Who will receive your assets and property
  • The type of property or assets they will be given
  • Who will be the guardian of your minor children
Assiniboia Law Office is a capable estate planning firm that provides quality legal services and representation to clients.  We have a thorough understanding of the estate planning process and can skillfully execute wills, trusts and other necessary estate documentation such as change of beneficiary and codicils.  Our firm has over two decades of experience ensuring our client's estates are properly managed after their death.